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Hello! As some of you may know, this (Dangan Roleplay's Round 2 Mock Trial) was my first time posting on Dreamwidth, and my first time roleplaying in quite some time! That being said, since it's been so long, and Anna is obviously totally uncharted territory for me, I'd like to hear some feedback from all of you lovely boys and girls about, well, pretty much anything you'd like to say regarding how I play her! It's been a blast playing Anna so far, and I hope to have even more fun playing her and possibly other muses with you guys in the future! Thank you so much in advance!

Also, feel free to message me on AIM or Plurk if you have any questions~!
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Name: Anna
ID Number: 39308
Money: 100,000
Pokedex: Owned 66/719

Location: Ecruteak City
Traveling Party (AKA "We're All Winners Here"):
Big Sis ([personal profile] defyingfrigidity)
REALLY Big Dumb Crush WORLD'S CUTEST GF ([personal profile] fatalissimo)
Big Sis's Big Dumb Crush Salami ([personal profile] paishodown)
Big Sis's Big Dumb Crush's Big Dumb Crush Korry In The House ([personal profile] bent_the_world)
Job: Part-time Waitress

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Pokemon on Hand
Nova (Charizard)
Target (Furret)
Hammerhead (Haxorus)
Marlin (Gyarados)
Odin (Gallade)
Benedict (Togetic)

Battle Theme

Adventure Started: May 5, 2014
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Princess Anna | ???

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I don't know what's going on, but I am not complaining at all!

[It's early in the morning, way early, and it's the middle of freaking August; crazy heat-waves like the one at the beginning of the month aren't necessarily anything out of the ordinary, and, of course, after long stretches of sun, there'll always be a rainstorm or two (or, like, nine, apparently). Anna never really was much for the rain, but this? She loves every second of it, and once she was positive that this isn't because of some kind of crazy day where Elsa gets her powers back again (she's still asleep, so that can't be it), she headed straight out there and did the very first thing she could think of in the growing white fluff: build a snowman, obviously.

Her Gear is perched just so as Anna starts to roll up a huge snowball, getting some of her Pokemon to help! Once it gets big enough, she tries to get her Clefairy and Togetic to help her out, the two of them trying their best to make sure the base of the snowman is as enormous as can be. The camera stays focused on them for a while, but it turns back to Anna once she's sure they've got the hang of it!]

Okay, okay, so, here's hoping this isn't just a one-day thing, because after that heat and those storms, this is perfect! So we gotta make the most of it!

[Oh, geez, where is she going with this...]

I'd make a challenge for a snowball war tournament, but it might be a little bit dangerous to travel and meet up, so instead, I think we should have a snowman contest! If it's snowing where you are, maybe we could try making the biggest and best snowmen and snowwomen, and we'll see who can make the best snowperson in Johto! ...Or Kanto, or wherever you are!

And if you don't want to participate, well, make sure you do your favorite thing to do in the snow before it goes away! Or just, y'know, make some cocoa and relax by a fire or something really cozy like that! Oh, and if you want, could you maybe tell me what it is? I want to make sure I do everything fun there is to do before the sun melts it all again!

[And if anyone in Ecruteak wants to build a snowman or have fun in the snow, she's definitely game!]
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[There's a pretty frantic-looking Anna on the other end of the Gear today, guys. Last weekend was a bit of a hectic one for her, but this one's shaping up to be just as ridiculous, if not moreso. There's a moment where she seems like she's almost at a loss for words, unsure of what to even say, but eventually she finds her center and decides to go for broke.]

So, um, if there's anyone in the Olivine area wondering just what the heck is going on here, uh, umm...

[There's a nervous chuckle and a bit of a tremble of the device, almost as if she doesn't want to turn the feed around to bring what she's referring to into focus, but the camera finally swings around to reveal, right off the water of Olivine's enormous castle, bearing an interesting green and purple crest with a yellow crocus; not many will recognize it, she's certain, but it's Arendelle's, there's no doubt of that. Thankfully, there isn't exactly a pair of legs with ruby red slippers buried underneath it, and it doesn't look like there was any property damage in that it didn't crush any buildings, aside from perhaps a few beachside huts, and it seems just a bit lob-sided; sand isn't the best foundation in the world, really, but nonetheless, the castle is standing, wide-open gates and all. If anyone wants to explore, well, it doesn't quite seem like anyone would be against that sort of thing, but...

The camera turns back to a rather sheepish-looking Anna, totally beside herself...]

Well, t-there's no place like home, right? Eheh...
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[On the morning of the winter solstice, Anna could not contain her excitement as she literally jumped out of bed and started to prepare the small (yet spacious~!) Goldenrod apartment that she shared with her sister for today's festivities. After all, it was far from an ordinary day; today was her sister Elsa's birthday, and the first birthday that the two of them had celebrated together since their separation over thirteen years ago. So while the two of them had come to a bit of an agreement that they were going to split the planning of the holidays between them to surprise one another...there was simply no doubt about it that Anna was planning nothing more than the biggest and best birthday celebration the two of them could possibly share! Her Pokemon are helping with the colorful decorations; the ceiling of the apartment was absolutely covered in colorful light blue and white balloons and streamers, and an enormous banner right by the door...and Anna had asked Nonon for some advice when it came to making her sister's favorite desserts, which was actually going better than she anticipated! Not to say she was a bad cook, but, hey, she was a lot better at serving food than she was at making it, which is saying something. There's a whole table littered with nothing but the best desserts she was able to get her hands on, and more than a fair bit of brightly wrapped boxes with Elsa's name on them...but no matter how much she looked at it, she couldn't help but feel like she could do a little more! And so, after scratching her head a little bit...why not ask her friends' opinions, right?]

Hey, guys! Today is a super special d--w-wait, hold on a second!

[She scrambles to cover up the decorations behind her on the feed, just for a short while..!]

Elsa, if you're watching this, don't look, okay?! Just for a little bit longer, we promised it'd be a surprise!

[And a couple of seconds after that, she lets out an exaggerated sigh of relief and goes back to the way she was before. That could have been bad~! Looks like someone still hasn't figured out the "lock" function yet.]

...Okay, like I was saying! Today is a super special day, because! Not only is it the first day of Winter, but it's also my sister Elsa's birthday! And not just any birthday, oh, no no no~! This is the first birthday we've had together in forever, so I need to make sure it's as amazing as amazing can be, and then some! We're talking, like, a "the most awesome thing that anybody could ever come home to ever" kind of amazing! So if anybody has anything special that they love to do on their birthday, please, I'm more than willing to take suggestions! I need to make sure this is the best possible celebration Elsa could possibly have! In return, if you're in the Goldenrod area, I'll make sure you get a piece of some awesome cake! There's gonna be fourteen different ones, after all!

[Anna, please]

Oh, and if you see Elsa around, make sure you wish her a happy birthday! Or even just leave a birthday message for her and I promise she'll get it! I'm sure it'll make her really, really happy if a lot of people tell her happy birthday. She deserves to have a really, really good one!

[She's really getting into this...but then again, it's Anna. And in a couple of hours, the decorations will be complete and the apartment will be as birthday-ready as it'll ever be!]
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[Anna...looks a little tired, which is fitting considering the time, but she's got just as much energy as ever! Some of it looks like it could be nerves, though...just what is she doing up at this hour?]

So has anyone decided to check out this crazy new game on the Gear yet? I'm still kinda getting the hang of it, but I haven't been able to put it down...

[Clearly. It's fairly late, after all...or early, perhaps? Has she been up playing instead of sleeping..?]

It's really scary! But I wanna beat it really, really bad..! Like, things jump out at you and it gets really loud and it's probably not a good idea to play it at night because I'm gonna have nightmares and probably wake Elsa up but I gotta show you guys, it gets really hard!

[The feed then cuts to a stream of the game! How convenient!]

But it looks like there's a button on here that lets you show the game to other people? How cool! I wonder if there's a way to show my face and the game at the same time..? But maybe that would ruin the, um, tension..?

[It looks like she's managed to get to Night Three, and her strategy seems to be fairly thorough as she does quick checks through rooms and then stops for a little bit to save power, but...]

If anyone managed to get further than me, can you give me some tips? I always end up running out of power, and sometimes they go a little too fast for m--AHH! Ohmygosh!

[Sure enough, there's Sandy, horrendously close to the screen with that obnoxiously loud shriek and positively frightening expression, before it cuts to the static and Game Over screen...and then back to Anna, now nervously laughing in the dark.]

W-woah, that just doesn't stop being scary at all, now, does it...? Eheh...but, um, yeah, it's...kinda fun...
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Why did no one tell me that Magikarp evolved into something so cool?!

[Anna's...pretty excited, to say the least. This was shaping up to be pretty amazing; between her sister arriving with her and getting the chance to travel alongside her, all the cool new Pokemon that have been showing up...teaching Elsa the ropes of being a Pokemon trainer was an experience in and of itself, and the two of them had spent what felt like forever (which, in both of their eyes, wasn't anywhere close to long enough) catching up and having fun getting the hang of daily life in the new world that had decided to take in both of them. And now, a mere couple of days after Elsa began her Pokemon journey, she gets to see for the first time what Pokemon evolution looks like.

Of course, to say that either of them was expecting Anna's cute little Magikarp to turn into...well, this was something that neither of them were expecting. The both of them had let out an enormous scream the second the evolution had completed, one that had echoed far across Route 30; however, they had both screamed for fairly different reasons. And though Anna was incredibly surprised to see the enormous behemoth that her baby had become...her expression is full of nothing but pride and adoration for her Pokemon, and how much it had grown. The so-called Atrocious Pokemon stands tall behind the giddy redhead, at a height so enormous that it would take four Annas sitting atop each others shoulders to even get close to matching. However, Anna makes sure to pan the camera high enough for the feed to capture the behemoth of a Pokemon in all its glory.]

I knew all of our hard work was going to pay off, but I had no idea it was gonna be like this! He's so precious! Isn't that right, Marlin, dear?

[To Anna's credit, though, despite how utterly menacing her Gyarados looks, when she reaches over to pet her loyal companion, it couldn't look more pleased as it leans its head down and nuzzles against her. She can't help but giggle as it lets out a satisfied roar when she plants a kiss on its temple...despite how massive it is, her Gyarados is a sweetheart, plain and simple, ready to shower Anna in the tons of affection that it couldn't necessarily give as a Magikarp.]

See, Elsa? He's nothing but a huge softie! Come give him a hug, he won't bite, I promise!
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These poor little guys..there are so many of them, and they just keep falling...

[It looks like a certain princess has decided to become an ace Espurr herder for the day, making sure as many of them as she can help are landing safely and soundly in Violet. After all, we wouldn't want any of them hurting themselves on that Sprout of them in particular seems like its planted itself pretty neatly on her shoulder, and though it looks comfy, its blank expression doesn't change.]

Um, does anyone know what exactly these cuties are? And why they're falling? I'm just hoping they don't get too bad of a reputation for their powers...I mean, they're super strong, actually! You wouldn't think it because of their level but they have a lot of power when you touch their ears, but...I don't think they can control it all that well.

[Which just makes Anna all the more eager to take care of them; that just strikes way too much of a chord with her.]

It doesn't seem like anyone's seen them before, either...
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..Wait, what?! Hold a second, that's my face..!

[Anna looks pretty visibly startled right off the bat! This can only end well..]

...Well, that's's like I'm looking in a mirror, or something. So this lets a video? Whatever that means? Uh, this "technology" thing is totally new to me. When that woman who said she was my mom, which she totally wasn't, by the way, told me how to use it, it's like she was talking in a different language...

[The poor princess looks totally out of her element...not necessarily helpless, but just really confused.]

So it's, like, showing my face to everybody who's watching right now, right? That's the gist of this? I mean, I guess that could be useful if I have things I want to show everyone...but well, we definitely don't have anything at all like this in Arendelle. Not even close. So, uh, needless to say, I have a ton of questions. ...But for now, guys hear this music too, right? I'm not going crazy? ...Actually, things might make a bit more sense if I was going crazy...

At least I got to make a cute friend, though! Isn't that right?

[She turns the camera's attention over to Charmander, who stands a very fair bit shorter than the Princess! The flame on its tail is burning strong, and it's excited to be able to roam around outside of its Pokeball! It gives a little roar...despite its size, it's trying to be a fair bit intimidating!]

Woah~! He looks like a real brave little guy, he couldn't wait to get out! If I'm going on an adventure, he seems like he'd be good to keep around! And look at that fire on his tail! He's gonna be a real champ, I just know it!


[That aside, if anyone's on Route 29, Anna basically just went headfirst in there after getting her Charmander and making sure everything is set to go, bar her seeing anyone along the way!]

Wow, what a road...I've never seen anything like this before, either...the grass is so tall, though...

[She's keeping her Charmander out of her Pokeball for now, and it looks positively itching for a fight!]

So you're basically gonna go in there and kick some butt, huh, sweetheart?

[She kneels down and pets the Charmander's head; when it nods, she gives it a huge grin and a determined fist-pump!]

Well, I'm not gonna complain about that at all! Make them cry, or whatever it is you do~! Just don't hurt yourself, alright? I mean, that Professor said he has that machine in his lab to heal you anyway, but...just, don't push yourself too hard! I'm right behind you!

[The Charmander scoffs a bit, clearly proud of its power, as the two of them go through the grass together, about to take some Pidgeys and Rattatas down!]
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ALIVE (Phew!)
Hey, that's me! Huh. I don't think I've ever taken the time to think about just how much I like my name. ...And just how much I like being in the land of the living, for that matter! On that note, uh, nobody's seriously thinking of killing anybody, right, guys? ...Guys?
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